How to Implement a Tag Archive Page in Jekyll

Jekyll uses Liquid, which was created by Shopify and written in Ruby, as its template language. For making a tag archive page, we have to do a little bit of dirty work because of the lack of power of Liquid. But first, let me describe what a tag page we want to make here.


想必有人会对豆瓣图书搜索结果的排序感到困惑吧?举个例子,假设我们搜索“JavaScript”,我们会发现排在第 3 位的是《JavaScript DOM编程艺术 (第2版)》,豆瓣评分为 8.7,有 1505 人评价;但是排在第 4 位的《JavaScript语言精粹》的豆瓣评分更高,为 9.1,而且评价人数更多,有 1792 人。更糟糕的情况是,我们想要找的高分图书往往出现在好几页之后。因此,我开发了一个 Web 应用,它基于贝叶斯平均对搜索结果进行排序。